Resistive Components

Arcol, UK
Aluminium Housed Resistors
Counting Dials
Precision Passivated Chip Resistors
Axiel Coated Resistors
Thin and Thick Film Resistors
Vitreous Enamelled Power Resistors

Ohmite Ceramic Division
Ceramic Compositions
Tubular Resistors
Axial Leaded Resistors
Slab Resistors
Disk and Wash Resistors

- Wirewound
- Variable Voltage Controls
- Surge/High Energy
- Thick Film/High Voltage

State of the Art, USA
Chip Resistors
Precision Chip Resistors
Military Resistors
High Frequency Products
Resistor Networks

Tepro, USATepro_logo
Precision Resistors:
- Wirewound
- Thin Film
-Thick Film

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