Company history


Compomill starts the business with Head office in Stockholm, Sweden. The business orientation is import, design in and distribution of RF/ Microwave components and systems.


The first subsidiary Sales office is established in Helsinki, Finland.


This autumn Compomill ApS is established in Odense, Denmark.


Major awards from Swedish Defense industry for EWR systems delivered from our contracted supplier Signal Technology, USA.


At the beginning of the year a new subsidiary Sales office is established in Gothenburg, Sweden.


The Compomill Group is owned by Compomill Nordic ApS, started in Denmark. A subsidiary Sales office is established in Aarhus, Denmark.
MCE Weinschel , USA is awarded to deliver test boxes to Ericsson for development of base stations.


Compomill introduces Charter Engineering USA’s excellent and specific PIM performance to test and measurement laboratories in the Nordic region.


The expansion in Finland continues and a subsidiary Sales office in Oulu is established.
Cuming Microwave, USA is the major supplier of Microwave absorber material to Ericsson’s anechoic chamber in Gothenburg.


The Compomill Group in Denmark moves from Odense to Copenhagen. Worldwide supplier of RF/Microwave tubes, CPI USA decides to hand over staff, local facilities, business service and repair to Compomill.


Compomill is one of the contracted suppliers for deliveries of oscillators and filters for Fiber Transmission development in Denmark.


Compomill is selected as a representative for major deliveries of HiRel products for Kongsberg Norspace in Norway.


The Finnish Army selects Compomill and Akon USA as a supplier for their land based communication system.


Complete antenna measurement chamber from Orbit FR is established at the Technical University of Lund.


A subsidiary Sales office is established in Malmo, Sweden.


Compomill is selected as the Pan Nordic Distributor for Amplifier Research, USA and allied manufactures covering Amplifiers for EMC and RF/Microwave test measurement.


European Spallation Source, ESS, under construction in Lund, Sweden awards our Principal L3, USA as the supplier for IOT’s Klystrodes.

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