Power & Switches

Agile Switch, USA
IGBT products
- Gate drivers
- Stack electronics
- IPM Evaluation kits
More details
SiC Products
- SiC MosFets Drivers
- Gate Drivers
- Stack electronics
- IPM Evaluation kits
More details

Beijing Huizhong Power Supply, CHINABeijingHuizhong_logo
High Power DC/DC ConvertersMore details
Custom Designed ConvertersMore details

Cotek, TAIWANCotek_logo
Power SuppliesMore details

FDK Corporation, JAPANFDK_logo
Isolated DC/DC ConvertersMore details
Non-Isolated DC/DC ConvertersMore details

Fuji Electric, JAPAN
IGBT ModulesMore details
High power IGBT 1200V, 1700V, 3300VMore details
SiC Schottky Barrier DiodesMore details
MosFetsMore details
Thermal Interface Material (TIM)More details

Glary Power Technology, TAIWANGlary_logo
DC/DC, High & Medium PowerMore details

Inductron, GERMANYInductron_logo
Inductive Components:
- Chokes
- Transformers
- Ignition Transformers
More details
Custom DesignMore details

DiodesMore details
MosfetsMore details
SCR'sMore details
IGBT'sMore details

Magnetec, GERMANYMagnetec_logo
EMI CoresMore details
ChokesMore details

Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology, CHINAMornsun_logo
DC/DC Converters up to 40WMore details
AC/DC up to 25WMore details

SanRex, JAPANSanRex_logo
SemiconductorsMore details
Power SuppliesMore details
InvertersMore details
IGBT'sMore details

SAPS – Beijing SAPS Electronic Technology, CHINASAPS_logo
EN50155 Railway StandardMore details
DC/DC Converters up to 75WMore details
AC/DC up to 100WMore details

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